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Kawaii Cafe

Monday, March 31, 2014
Kawaiiness Love ♥

Dear Sweeties,

kawaii-cafe is back.
Tokyo Fashion spree has been opened.
Will appreciate all of you to join if you are interested! (:

Promotion: For every 5 items purchase, there will be a rebate of $2 on the total amount.
Dateline: close on this Sunday, 20th April 2014

Tokyo Fashion - 7/4 new items arrived

As usual, any enquiry or spree that you wish to join, just feel free email me at kawaii-cafe@hotmail.com ^^


Kawaiiness ♥
9:50 PM

Kawaiiness Love ♥

Tokyo Fashion Spree #1
27/03 - new items added

Website:Tokyo Fashion

Exchange rate: 1SGD = 20 (estimated for easy calculation, actual rate to be determined and will be refunded in the 2nd payment)

Payment details: POSB Savings 002-88147-0
Please kindly transfer payment once you send in your order, if not the order will not be placed.

1st payment: item price in NT / 20 + $2 handling fee per item
2nd payment: top up/refund (if any) + actual shipping + local postage
--> will advise again
Please download the order form HERE !!!

Terms & Conditions (Pls Read before placing order!) :
- No changing or cancellation of orders allowed after you have given us your orders. NO refunds will be made upon cancellation.
- Payment to be transferred before dateline else your order will not be placed.
- Please be willing to wait - Taiwan shop usually takes around 1 and a half months to 2 months to arrive.
- I am not liable for any mistakes made by the seller. I will ask the seller to check carefully before sending the items out.
- I am not responsible for any lost mail or any defects in the items. The seller from the site will ensure the items are in good condition before they sent out.
- All items must be collected 2 weeks upon arrival, or they will be confiscated. If you are overseas or need more time,pls notify me.
- Not comfortable, don't join the spree, otherwise enjoy spreeing.
- Email us your orders at kawaii-cafe@hotmail.com

Kawaiiness ♥
9:23 AM

About Us ♥
`The One & Only!

Welcome to kawaii-cafe.blogspot.com

A place where you can fulfill all your desires and dreams. Bringing pretty, affordable clothes to all the girls out there.
If you have any queries or orders, just email me at kawaii-cafe@hotmail.com and i will get back to you within 48hrs. if you did not receive any reply, pls email me again! Thanks. :)

Enjoy spreeing with me! :DD

Order Form
Buyers' Comments

Terms & Conditions ♥
`He Said She Said!

1) NO changes or cancellation of orders. NO refunds will be made upon cancellation.
2) Please kindly make sure that both the url and item name are correct else I will not be responsible for any wrong item ordered.
3) Please be willing to wait as Taiwan auction sites will take around 1-3 month.
4) All purchases are not refundable or exchangeable. However, I will do a full refund if the item you ordered is out of stock.
5) I am not liable if the seller sent out the wrong item or have defects, but I will ask her to double check before sending out.
6) I will not be responsible for any lost normal mail.
7) Collection: via Normal/Registered mail (add another $2.30).
8) All items must be collected 2 weeks upon arrival, or they will be confiscated. If you are overseas or need more time,pls notify me.
9) I do ship overseas. Overseas buyers can contact me for more info.
10) Join only if you are comfortable with all of the terms.
I will try my very best to make all the sprees successful! =)
lastly, if you have any sprees that you wish to have, can just email me and i will try my best to hold it.

Payment details: POSB Savings 002-88147-0 or UOB Cash deposit(for customers without bank accounts): Simply go to any UOB cash deposit machine. No account needed.


Clearance Sale! Get it now!
Sanrio Hello Kitty iPhone4 Screen Protector


All updates will be done here.

♥ Tokyo Fashion spree 1 closed
20/4/14 - Orders sent to seller. Waiting for reply.




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